Brian Yegge

 As young as eight years of age, Brian has shown a passion & natural-born talent in music for performance and composition. In his preteen years, his talents grew to include production and engineering/sound design. At a time of limited technology and financial resources, Mr. Yegge would invent his methods to obtain the sounds he desired, then record and mix them in ways that would sound like an entire ensemble. A concept that was only achievable in professional studios at the time.

 His talent would lead him to attend Berklee College of Music in 1996, where he majored in production/engineering with a minor in Music Business.

 As a performing musician, Brian's principal instrument is the Bass. He's been the bassist for many bands, including Primary & Deadbolt Zen. He refers to the instrument as the one that feels most natural playing in a live environment. As a studio musician, Brian performs and develops sounds for all instruments desired in his productions. However, he is known for using Bass primarily in innovative ways as a tool to achieve sounds simply due to the dark character of the instrument's tone color and tonal range.  

List of Gear used both in-studio & on stage.


 In 2008 Brian founded Angershade, which he still deems today as "a dark music project and exploration in sound design diverse from the conventional ways of modern musical composition and production" It wouldn't be until 2014 that he would put out the first release "Glock" under the Angershade moniker, but did so quietly to secure the name. A track he is not particularly fond of but happens to be a favorite among many. In 2019 Angershade would release the 5 track instrumental EP "Arete," which would be followed by two companion releases, "The Hex Sessions" & "The Envy Sessions," in May of 2021. "The Isolation Sessions," slated for a June  2021 release, was held back several times for personal reasons but eventually released on July 27th, 2022.

Photography & Graphics Design

‌ As of March 2022, it stood that the Angershade brand would begin departing from being associated with model photography. In September 2022, Brian announced **his departure** from model photography, and his focus centered on music.