Update About this Site

I’m still trying to figure out what I will do with this site. I’m a musician, so I know I will write and deliver music to you. I will still release music on the streaming services platform, but here I will have a more personal approach That will involve the evolution of how I write and the recording process, etc. And the etc. is what I got to figure out.

Currently, there is only one tier plan, a members-only plan which is now available; all it requires is that you submit your email address and some contact information, and you will acquire the ability to create your account all for free, and that tier will never change.  There are plans for a premium tier plan sometime in the future, and it will include high-definition streaming-only versions of what I’m working on, the ability to comment and provide feedback, along with a chat channel as well, and more, of course, all that is in development now.

As far as the cost, I do not know yet. I have not worked budget side yet; however, there will be an annual plan option and a monthly plan option.  also, I’m looking into incorporating passwordless sign-in, otherwise known as Apple Passkeys, when they become available.

I promise you it’s going to be fun, or it’s not going to be at all. The members-only portion of the site will remain. The premium I could decide is not worth it.  And be sure I can consistently deliver that content to justify the cost.

What would you like to see here or have included since your inquiries and ideas to admin@angershade.com