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The Hex sessions are a collection of variations of the piece and the remastered original work. Demos, interpretations, and other all-together perspective mixes of the song with changing dynamics. Sound quality may vary as some are demos, but this is the first attempt at showing the evolution of a piece of music and how I go through and exhaust every possible option before deciding on the final product.

Hex Remastered - (3:49)

Hex The Dark Version Radio Edit -  (3:38)

Hex The Diviner Mix -  (4:11)

Hex Slammed Mix Brian Yegge Remix -  (4:10)

Hex Prognosticator mix Remastered -  (4:26)

05 Hex Prognosticator Mix REMASTERED

Hex The Obstinate Mix -  (4:32)

Hex Just the Witches Stripped -  (2:11)