The Envy sessions is a collection of variations of the piece and the original work itself remastered: demos, interpretations, and different altogether perspective mixes of the song with changing dynamics. Sound quality may vary as some are, in fact, demos, but this is the first attempt at showing the evolution of a piece of music and how I go through and exhaust every possible option I can before deciding on the final product. Adept "The Glitter Fairies Edition" is a little added treat to break up the repetitiveness.

1. Envy Reinterpreted Remastered  (2:34)
2. Envy Remastered (2:34)
3. Envy Full Suicided Version VIP Mix  (2:42)
4. Envy Tight Mix - Remix (2:34)
5. Envy Meditative Mix (2:38)
6. ADEPT Glitter Fairies Edition (4:30)
7. Envy No Strings Attached (2:32)